Doctor Mike Schmidt
I first learned how to swim and completed a half ironman race. Less than a year later, Eric became my coach and helped me complete Ironman Wisconsin. Eric quickly assessed my skills and devised a challenging and rewarding training plan. By race day I felt confident in my... Read more
Doctor Joe Boyle
Eric had helped with with all facets of learning and training for triathlon. He has just the right mix of serious encouragement and humor. His programs are challenging but always obtainable; helping you reach all your goals. For me, a great day at my first Ironman! I would recommend Eric for the beginner or experienced triathlete!
Dirk Izzo
Eric helped me train for my first Ironman. He helped me build up my training from Olympic distance to 1/2 Ironman and finally a full Ironman. His training program was outstanding and got me more than ready for the Ironman. I felt so good after the race it makes you think how much harder you could have gone. Thanks Eric.
Carol Ireland
Eric brings two important qualities to his clients: professionalism and camaraderie. His experience in coaching allows me to grow as an athlete while his conviviality provides humor and support. Eric has a keen eye for detail and is able to tailor work outs to meet the individual needs of his clients. A hectic... Read more
Bob Maganini
As a life long athlete and physician, I feel confident in my ability to train and prepare appropriately for triathlon races and to meet my goals. Despite this fact, I continue to benefit greatly from the guidance and coaching skill of Eric Gauthier. I am 52 years old... Read more
Kim RadisewitzPrior to meeting Eric, I exercised on a regular basis. However, I did not understand the difference between training and exercising. For the past two years, I have been training with Eric and I am very pleased with both my level of fitness and my race performance. I have placed in the top three within my age group for most of my races – Thanks to a wonderful coach!
Doctor Rob IrelandEric is a highly competent and professional personal coach with a track record of excellence in tailoring training to individual needs and goals. Moreover, because he personally has attained elite level status as an athlete and along with his certifications this provides him with a strong coaching foundation. This coupled to his enthusiasm and very personal attention, and support, makes for a winning combination that produces results. I highly recommend Eric for coaching and training.
Kevin RadisewitzWhen I first started working with Eric I was a runner interested in competing in triathlon. Eric has helped me become a competitive triathlete in a relatively short period of time as I will be competing in my first full Ironman event later this year. I truly feel that my progress has been ... Read more

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