Progression warranty

fartoukh_ironman-france-nice-2008Between 5% and 30% guaranteed

All athletes have the  potential to grow by going through an optimized and individualized training approach. Based on  the athlethe’s initial athletic level, the increase can be up to 30%! (for example, evolution of physiological and technical parameters).

By using the WTS coach closest to you, you will meet  an expert who will identify your strengths and weaknesses and will help you make rapid and sustainable progress.

After reviewing your needs, your coach will  develop a customized training program (depending on your starting level, the nature of your goals, your availability, constrains and your physiology), and will accompany you throughout through the realization of your goal.

Our experience and methodology allow us to guarantee  an increase of 5% to 30%, in 3 to 6 months  of WTS coaching, regardless of the athlete’s starting level, and discipline.

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