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With our proprietary coaching methodology, organized  around 3 phases,  the WTS  coaches will guide you on the path of progress and success in sports:


Your personal training program is individualized, based on a detailed questionnaire, an interview (telephone or in person), and a stress test. At WTS, the test laboratory is of paramount importance to determine the athlete’s baseline.

To maximize your progress, programs are established based on five main parameters:

  •  1) Your goals

The nature of your goal (date, event characteristics ) will determine the content of your training program. Whether  you are preparing for the  French mountain biking chanpionship, the Paris Marathon, the Etape du Tour de France or participation in the first Paris-Dakar … we customize your training accordingly.

  • 2) Your level

Whether you are a beginner or expert, amateur or professional, your training program will be tailored to your level.

  • 3) Your Physiology

Your training will be based on very specific heart rate values, power zones,  and  speeds. These values ​​are individually determined during laboratory and field tests . Our training programs will help you reinforce your strengths and  address your weaknesses.

  • 4) Your availability

Because  most athletes have various responsibilities are priorities, WTS adapts your training to your family and work  commitments so that your training time can be optimized and tailored to your overall schedule.

  • 5) Your Region

The content of your training program will take into account the  weather seasons and geographical characteristics of your area (climate, ground topology,  …).


Once designed by your coach, your  training program is sent to you by e-mail, or mail.


Upon receipt of your training program,  the following activities will take place:

–  Analysis of your training sessions, and direct feedback (, completeness and quality of performed workouts, nutrition, recovery, level of fatigue, …)

–  Necessary training program adjustment based on your fitness level, as well as ability to complete the scheduled workouts (per instance, workouts can be affected by bad weather, unavailability, illness …).

In parallel, a remote analysis of your workouts can be done if you have the proper equipment ( heart rate monitor, GPS,  power meter).

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