WTS Challenge : Monaco-Mont Ventoux / 6-9 juin 2019

Still aimed to the corporate branch, the 6th edition of the Challenge will start from Monaco, and will end at the top of Mont Ventoux, through the « Gorges du Verdon », and « Provence » !


  • Three stages (non-timed)
  • Start from a big city during the 1st stage ( Monaco )
  • Arrival in a mythical place during the 3rd stage ( Mont Ventoux’s hill )
  • Challenge exclusively reserved for company executives or executives, and their employees (up to 3 people).
  • Possibility to follow a specific preparation before the event [details]
  • Possibility to decline the challenge in intra-company event
  • For this 6th edition, the Challenge Mont Ventoux has been remodeled in depth to offer you a new course in 3 stages, for a total distance of 400 km, and a global elevation gain of 6000m.


Stage 1
∼ Monaco – Château de Taulanne ∼

Dear cycling friends,

You must be impatient to have the details of the course that we have carefully prepared for the next Monaco Mont-Ventoux 2019.

Here is the route of the first stage, which will start from the Port of Monaco and take the direction of the famous Promenade des Anglais. Then head north to the Georges du Loup, then the unpublished sequence of Cols de Bleine and Pinpinier.

You will ride in one of the wildest areas of the Alpes-Maritimes before arriving at the beautiful Castle of Taulane**** for a well-deserved rest.

In the end, the stage will be 135km for 2000m D + and the peloton will cover 30km completely unpublished in 6 editions !



Stage 2

∼ Château de Taulanne-Forcalquier ∼

Dear cycling friends,

Let’s continue to discover the details of the Monaco Mont-Ventoux 2019 course.

After a night spent in the castle of Taulane, the peloton will go to Forcalquier.
At the Provençal menu of the day, the chef offers you at the entrance the mythical Route Napoléon. In the main course, you will enjoy the Gorges du Verdon and breathtaking landscapes. To finish on a sweet note and unpublished, you will discover the Col de Majastre. The digestive or the beer of recovery, it is the choice, will be sipped in the enchanting setting of the Bastide Saint Georges****(Lubéron).

In the end, the stage will count 147 km for 1800m D + on a course more exhausting than it appears.

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Stage 3

∼ Forcalquier-Mont Ventoux-Sault ∼

This is, no doubt, the Queen stage of this challenge.

When you leave your beautiful hotel Forcalquier, you will have the chance to see the finish line, something that is extremely rare it must be agreed.

You will cross the Luberon Park towards the Col des Abeilles, then Bédoin. Bédoin and its famous milestone kilometer 0. At this precise moment, you will feel a mixture of excitement, apprehension, because before you will stand the myth, the legend, the unique Mont Ventoux.
You will have the chance to climb it by its most famous face borrowed regularly by the Tour de France. How, do not imagine being Pantani, Virenque, Froome attacking the turn of St Estève? You live for sure rare emotions.
Go to the top to engrave your legend and immortalize your performance with a photo that will remind you, forever, this moment!

Place, then, down to your hotel Val de Sault(http://www.valdesault.com/), for a well deserved rest, memories full head after this stage of 130 km and a monstrous elevation of 2800 m.

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