Our coaches

Created in 2009 to meet the demand for proximity that coaching requires, the WTS network of sports coaches is gradually expanding into new regions on a worldwide basis.

In a world increasingly “global”, athletes can now find expert coaches in many areas within the WTS network.

Currently, WTS is the French leader in coaching endurance sports through its network of 20 expert coaches.

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On this Google map, you can enlarge it (top right),
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Then, have more details by clicking on the link close to the coach name.


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If the map does not appear in your browser, you can access directly below the page of the coach:

LIVET Emmanuelle (Capetown [South Africa] + France, South-East / Coach)

WIROTH Jean-Baptiste (Capetown [South Africa] + France, South-East / Coach)

GAUTHIER Eric (U.S.A. Chicago / Coach)

RICHARD Steve (Switzerland / Coach)

ROCHET Sebastien (France, Corsica island / Coach)

CAMM Jean-Pierre (France, South-East / Coach)

COCHAT Pierre (France, Paris / Mental coach)

DUJARDIN Francis (France, East / Coach)

FALLICA Cyrille (Nord-Est/ Coach)

GEISELHART Dagmar (France, South-East / Dietitian)

PERREAL Sylvain (France, East / Coach)

SULTANA Frederic (France, South-East / Coach)

VANCAUWENBERGHE Laurent (France, North / Coach)


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